ARC-1028 XL - Corrosion Inhibitor (O.C.)

Corrosion Inhibitors for Closed Water Systems

Product Codes: ARC-1028, 1029-I, 1029-II

Closed cooling system can be categorized into three categories: -

1. SUB-ZERO: - These systems operate in the range of 0 to 20 0C and less. Here glycol or calcium chloride brines are used as cooling medium in closed loop. Typical example is ice factories, where brine solution is used for cooling the water in the ice moulds.

2. LOW TEMPERATURE: - Here the temperature of cooled water is in the range of 40 to 70C and the returned water temperature is around 80 to 130C. Typical application is air conditioning where chilled water goes to air handling units where hot air blown over this is cooled and warm water comes back to chiller for cooling again. Raw water/ Soft water is used as make up.

3. HIGH TEMPERATURE: - Here the water in closed loop is used for cooling molten material like steel, glass, plastics, aluminum where they are being reformed either by extrusion or by casting in moulds etc. As the temperature of these materials in molten stage is quite high, higher purity water is essential for cooling them as in these ultra high temperature (1200 0 to 1300 0C), slightest presence of CaCO3 etc. can lead to scaling. So usually, Soft/DM Water is used for this application. Application such as automobile radiator and internal circuit of D.G. Sets using Glycol/CaCl2/NaCl brine should also use DM water for cooling.

PROBLEMS :- Corrosion, Bio-fouling and Fouling (due to corrosion products and bio-fouling) are the major problems in a closed cooling system. In high temperature system if water quality is not good then scaling may also occur.

SOLUTION :- To keep pace with time and technology, close water circulating systems demand efficient and cost effective corrosion inhibitors.


CLEANING :- Before start of the treatment, closed cooling system should be cleaned ON-LINE/ OFF-LINE. Special efforts must be made to remove as much iron as possible (which is present due to formation of corrosion product) preventive treatment should follow cleaning immediately to prevent fresh cleaning.

Our Products

ARC-1028, 29 and 29-I are chemicals that offer comprehensive and result-oriented treatment in order to control these problems consequently & users can achieve the maximum result from the closed Systems.
Product is based upon a combination of anodic and cathodic corrosion inhibitors. It increases solubility of calcium and magnesium salts in the water, and protect lining against corrosion & pitting.


ARC-1028, 29 and 29-I products have been specially formulated to prevent corrosion in closed system. They provide following benefits.

* Specially formulated to disperse the soluble ions in circulating water, thus, no precipitation takes place.

* Superior steel corrosion inhibition under wide range of pH and alkalinity fluctuations.

* Formulated as per your water parameters.

* Doesn’t contain chrome or heavy metals, which are harmful effluent thus environmental friendly.

* Active ingredient works at lowers dosage.

* Prevents fouling due to presence of special dispersant.

Dosage & Feeding

The water holding volume of system, quality of water and other relevant factors determines dosage. ALBATROSS will provide technical assistance and will suggest particular product, its dosage, in accordance with your plant operating conditions and quality of water.


Avoid contact with skin, eyes & cloths. In case of contact, wash with plenty of water.


50 & 200 Ltrs. HDPE Containers.