ARC-1061 XL Fire Side Chemical

Fire Side Additive

Fire Side additive For Boiler

Fireside corrosion damage often occurs on a boiler that is in cold standby that has previously fired sulfur-laden fuels. There are inevitably areas of the boiler where ash is not removed from the tube surface during normal soot blower operation. One of the most vulnerable areas is the interface where the tubes enter the drum at tube-baffle interfaces and refractory-to-tube interfaces. When the boiler is hot, corrosion is generally not a problem since moisture is not present; however, upon shutdown, this ash and refractory can absorb moisture and concentrated corrosive attack will occur over time in these areas. This is one of the most common causes of the need for re-tubing of boilers that are subject to extensive periods of cold storage. Localized pitting can be quite deep, rendering an otherwise sound tube in need of at least partial replacement.


Deposits of slag and ash on the fireside of boilers can reduce efficiency and damage tubes. ARC-1061 XL can reduce these deposits and gradually remove existing slag.


A combination additive in powder form designed for prevention of fireside deposits on all types of boilers, tubes, heaters, flunkies and economizers. It is formulated to keep the boiler clean from soot, clinker, fouling and corrosion.

ARC-1061 XL is a formulation which contains dispersants, chemicals & corrosion inhibitors. It is a free flowing powder, non toxic and safe to handle. It is to be dosed directly into the furnace while the combustion equipment is in operation

ARC-1061 XL when enters a high temperature zone it vaporizes and forms a thin film on the comparatively cooler surface of the furnace the combustion catalyst reduces ignition temp. of the adhering carbon permitting to burn at reduced temperatures. Oxidizing agents provide the combustion oxygen.

ARC-1061 XL keeps the equipment at the peak efficiency while traditional cleaning methods cause a sharp decrease in efficiency & increase in stack temperature between shut-downs

ARC-1061 XL exposes the bare metal of the heat exchanger. The corrosion inhibitors protect the metal from corrosion by acids produced during combustion & prevent scale formation due to metal oxidation

Regular use of ARC-1061 XL ensures complete removal of fireside deposits and keeps the combustion system clean & healthy for trouble free operation.


Deposition of unburnt carbon, ash, soot etc. on the fireside of the boiler will result in the formation of scales, which acts as insulator, thereby reducing the boiler heat efficiency. It is found that as little as 1/8″ thick soot deposits will reduce the overall efficiency of boiler by 5%.

The presence of corrosive gases like SO2 & SO3 pose severe corrosion problem if unchecked especially when the moisture is present.


  •     Prevents filter clogging.
  •     Maintains clean nozzles.
  •     Prevents sludge formation.
  •     Inhibits wax deposition.
  •     Improve automization.
  •     Improve combustion.
  •     Reduce acid smut emission.
  •     Reduce smoke, acid mist and particulate emissions
  •     Raise the ph of resulting ash and neutralize acid attack
  •     Suspend, dissolve and disperse sludge; prevent clogged fuel lines and keep storage tanks, preheaters and fuel lines clean
  •     Decrease the size of abrasive particles in the fuel, to reduce burner tip erosion while enhancing fuel atomization
  •     Reduced corrosion and shutdowns
  •     Improved steam generation
  •     Heating surfaces are kept clean to facilitate efficient heat transfer leading to fast steam generation and complete boiler  utilization.


ARC – 1061 XL is applied directly on the firebed utilizing any suitable access point. It is important to ensure constant firing of the boiler for minimum period of one hour before and also after dosing of chemical. A gray/white vapour will be evolved by the ARC -1061 XL upon the refiring the boiler after application and that will continue for 2 to 5 minutes.

The vapour is harmless and is an indication that the ARC – 1061 XL is working correctly.


Dosage are based on type of fuel employed for Boiler :-

(1) For Boilers burning, solid fuel like coal, wood husk, lignite etc.

Dosage :- 100 – 200 gms of ARC–1061 XL per ton for solid fuel is required to give best results. The general frequency of dosage is once in a day.

(2) For Boilers burning liquid fuels like kerosene, light diesel oil, heavy fuel oil and also high temperature applications.

Dosage :- 300 – 500 gms of ARC – 1061 XL per ton of liquid fuel used. The frequency of dosage is once in a day.


Deposits are controlled by adding ARC-1061 XL that raises the ash fusion temperature to allow the ash to solidify before impacting a metal surface.


After application of ARC-1061 XL for few days, cleaning will be found to be much easier, hard scale deposits having been broken down. It is recommended that the boiler is then brusted or vacuumed through in order to remove loose scales.


ARC-1061 XL is packed in polythene bags of 50 kg/ 50 kg drums (HDEP) since it is highly hygroscopic, the bag/drum are to be reclosed tightly after every use, stored in dry place. Although this chemical is not inflammable, but may support combination. Therefore keep away from direct heat, naked flames, sparks and acids.