ARC-1023 (I) XL – Microbiocide

Microbiological Fouling

ARC-1023 XL Range of biocides used in cooling water treatment

The range covers following product codes – ARC-1023 (I) XL, 1023 (II) XL, 1023 (III) XL, 1023 (IV) XL, CW 1090 and 1023 (CD)

An Ideal Solution to Biological Problems

  • Algae
  • Fungus

Microbiological Problems in Cooling Water

Algae, fungi, and bacteria cause microbial problems associated with industrial cooling water systems. They cause plugging, fouling, corrosion, and destruction of wooden cooling tower components. Many different bacteria species may exist in cooling water systems. Some of the problems caused include severe bacterial slimes and fouling, sulfuric acid, under deposit corrosion and health hazards. They are adhering to heat transfer surfaces and reduce heat transfer and water flow.

Warm water in the cooling system is a natural habitat and breeding grounds for microorganisms. Chemical treatment is required to eliminate this biological growth. Cooling towers must be thoroughly cleaned on a periodic basis to minimize bacterial growth. Unclean cooling towers promote growth of potentially infectious bacteria

Microbial Influenced Corrosion (MIC)

Microbial Influenced Corrosion (MIC) is a corrosion in which microorganisms contribute to the corrosion process. The most serious cases are when their action generates conditions that start corrosion, which would otherwise not have happened.

Slime-former bacteria, which form slimy coverings over surfaces, reducing oxygen transport and trapping particles of debris.

Sulphate–reducing bacteria, produce hydrogen sulphide from dissolved sulphate in anaerobic conditions.

Sulphur oxidizing bacteria, produce sulphur or sulphuric acid

Iron oxidizing bacteria, oxidize soluble ferrous iron to insoluble ferric


A biofilm is a layer of microorganisms contained in a matrix (slime layer), which forms on surfaces in contact with water. Incorporation of pathogens in biofilms can protect the pathogens from concentrations of biocides that would otherwise kill or inhibit those organisms freely suspended in water.

Our Products

ARC-1023 (I) XL is very effective against aerobic bacteria, fungi and algae. These are non-oxidizing microbiocide in liquid form, highly effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms. It effectively combats the menace of algae, fungi and bacteria.

ARC-1023 (II) XL Is a broad-spectrum anti-microbial product designed for use in industrial re-circulating cooling water system. These are non-oxidizing microbiocide in powder as well as liquid form, highly effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms

ARC-1023 (III) XL is an non-oxidizing liquid non-metallic, non- phenolic formulated for use in industrial cooling system and air washers system. It prevents growth of Micro-organisms such as fungi, bacteria, sulphate reducing bacteria and algae in industrial cooling system.

ARC-1023 (IV) XL Is a non-metallic, non phenolic, broad spectrum biocide effective against bacteria, fungi and algae keeps the cooling re-circulating water clean.

ARC-CW-1090 is a dry source of chlorine for use in industrial re-circulating water cooling towers, air washers & evaporative condensers.  ARC-CW-1090 contains the active ingredient (90% as chlorine) and is an excellent choice where use of chlorine is desirable along with non-oxidising biocides.  ARC-CW 1090 used for Industrial water pretreatment and oxidizing micro biocide for cooling water systems