ARC-1030 XL – R. O. Antiscalent

RO Scale Inhibitor

ARC-1030 XL

Scale Inhibitor For RO Membrane



The production of drinking water by distillation and membrane processes creates usual water treatment problems, such as thermal heat transfer surface and membrane scaling. Our products reduce scaling and improve heat transfer to ensure the production of high quality product water.

Most membranes used today are tubes composed of cellulose acetate or polyamides. Membranes allow flow of water, but hold back dissolved solids. As water passes along the membrane surface, salts such as calcium carbonates, calcium sulfate, and barium sulfate tend to deposit on the membrane.

The use of sulfuric acid has been the traditional way of preventing calcium carbonate scaling. However, sulfuric acid is hazardous to handle, increases sulfate content and adds to corrosivity of water. Albatross provides antiscalants that inhibit calcium scale formation, and improve efficiency of RO Systems.


ARC–1030 XL is unique compositions incorporate acrylic, meleic, non-ionic, and sulfonated monomers in addition to proprietary polymerization technologies to achieve adequate performance for targeted applications.

ARC–1030 XL is a liquid antiscalant controls inorganic scale, colloids, lignins and cellulosic material in RO feed waters.

ARC–1030 XL its unique performance characteristic provide users with more complete control over system feed waters, reducing membrane fouling tendencies and minimizing membrane cleaning requirements.

ARC–1030 XL is compatible with all membrane types and system components, ensuring product reliability.

ARC–1030 XL maintains performance integrity at extreme pH and temperatures and is stable in the presence of multivalent ions such as iron.

ARC–1030 XL will not cause biological growth in tanks, piping or the RO.

ARC–1030 XL is typically dosed into feed waters at the rate of 2-8 ppm.

ARC–1030 XL has excellent solubility and stability


Appearance : Clear

Colour : Colorless to pale yellow

Odor : Mild


The type of membrane, quality of water and other relevant factors determines dosage. ALBATROSS will provide technical assistance and will suggest particular product, its dosage, in accordance with your plant operating conditions and quality of water.


Avoid contact with skin, eyes & cloths. In case of contact- wash with plenty of water.


35 & 50 Ltrs. HDPE Containers.