ARC-1020 XL – Corrosion Inhibitor For Potable Water (Works Very Well In Hot Water System)

Red Water Treatment

ARC-1020 XL



An Ideal Solution to Brown Water Problems


Guest Complaints of Brown colored water in hotels guest room


– Hygiene levels of your Hotel questioned.
– Hotel reputation at stake
– A dissatisfied customer is often a non-returning customer

Cause: Corrosion

  • Rust particles accumulate and change the appearance of water to Brownish in color.

Corrosion : Some Facts

  • Iron in its natural state is an oxidized compound i.e. Fe2O3, Fe3O4. However, when processed into iron pipe, it becomes elemental iron FeO.
  • Iron Corrodes in presence of water and oxygen whereby, the elemental iron, FeO reverts back to its natural oxidized state, where it came from.

The Corrosion Process

  • Metallic loss occurs from that part of the metal pipe called the anodic area (anode). In this case, iron (Fe0) is lost to the water solution and becomes oxidized to Fe++ ion.
  • As a result of the formation of Fe++, two electrons are released to flow through the steel to the cathodic area (cathode).
  • Oxygen (O2) in the water solution moves to the cathode to form hydroxyl ions (OH-) at the surface of the metal. In the absence of oxygen, hydrogen ion (H+) participates in the reaction at the cathode instead of oxygen.

Types of corrosion Uniform corrosion

  • It is an electrochemical process whereby polyelectrodes are formed on the surface.
  • Any one particular site on the metal surface can become anodic one instant and cathodic the next.
  • Because anodic sites shift or creep about the surface, the rate of loss of metal is relatively uniform over the metal surface.

Conventional Approach:

–Wait till situation is really bad and then replace water pipeline
–High Cost.
–Lost Revenue for rooms under rectification.
–Disturbance to existing guests.
–Cycle repeats – problems will re-occur.


Albatross ARC-1020 XL

*ARC-1020 XL an additive that is dosed into water system at very minute levels.
*ARC-1020 XL is adsorbed onto metal pipe surfaces at anodic areas.
*A thin monomolecular film on the interior of the pipe is created.
*The coating acts as a barrier between water and metal and corrosion is inhibited.

Albatross ARC-1020 XL Working Mechanism

  • Microscopic and x-ray examination of the film formed at the metal surface show two layers, with most of the ARC-1020 XL in the surface layer adjacent to the water.
  • The protective film is an electrical insulator and blocks the electrochemical reactions of corrosion, yet it is thin enough that it does not obstruct water flow.
  • When the hydrous metal oxide film has been covered with a ARC-1020 XL film, ARC-1020 XL deposition stops. The film does not build on itself, and therefore will not form excessive scale.
  • When ARC-1020 XL is introduced into a water distribution system as solution, it is carried by flowing water to all parts of the distribution system.
  • When ARC-1020 XL treatment is first started, the system near the point of application is coated immediately; then the film continues to form at greater distances.
  • Eventually, with continued feeding and sufficient water flow rate, the treatment becomes effective throughout the entire system.
  • Once the film has been created, the protection is maintained as long as treatment is continued; if stopped, the protection is gradually lost. If damaged, the film is self healing, as long as the ARC-1020 XL feed is continued.

Albatross ARC-1020 XL : The Proven Effectiveness

• Testing has been done to show the effectiveness of ARC-1020 XL treatment.
• Testing method
1. Monitoring levels of dissolved metals (e.g., Fe, Cu, Pb) in water samples before and after treatment.
2. Conducting coupon testing based on ATSM Test Method D-2688,“Corrosivity of Water in the Absence of Heat Transfer.”

• Results
ARC-1020 XL effectively protected metal such as lead, copper, cast Iron and ferrous metal, steel, galvanized iron, bronze, red brass, yellow brass and nickel alloys

Albatross ARC-1020 XL : The safety

• Testing was done by SGS Laboratory, one of the top food testing laboratory in the world.
• Test was done by dozing 100 ppm of Albatross ARC-1020 XL into Spritzer Brand Mineral Water.
• Test Certificate show that after adding 100 ppm of ARC-1020 XL, the water quality is still within the permissible limits of Malaysia Food Regulations 1985.

Albatross ARC-1020 XL : The comfort

• With ARC-1020 XL there will be no mess and hassle
• Absolutely easy to store, easy to handle and easy to apply
• All that is needed is a tank and a dosing pump

Albatross ARC-1020 XL : Ideal Solution to Brown Water Problems

– Proven effectiveness
– Safe – Zero Hazard
– Well Tested by independent labs
– Easy to Implement
– Economical