About Our Company
ALBATROSS is a professionally managed Private Limited Company engaged in the manufacturing of specialty Chemicals for the variety of industries
ALBATROSS through its R & D efforts have created formulations of specialty chemicals of international standards for tacking specific problem. ALBATROSS products are technically superior, and when you buy ALBATROSS products you buy performances, satisfaction & reliability.

Highly Motivated

We provides services through a highly motivated, technically competent team of Sales & Services Engineers having vast experience.
We are committed to bring the latest in the field and have dedicated themselves to continuous improvement in quality and services.

We have developed a full line of proprietary formulations for the waterside of your operations. Our products include waterside chemicals for cooling and boiler water applications such as corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, scale control agents, biocides, oxygen scavengers, precipitating agents, solubilisers, and neutralizing/film forming amines.
In addition, we have developed a series of chemicals to improve boiler combustion efficiency to prevent high temperature-zone corrosion, and to impede the formation of fireside residue deposit.In addition to traditional treatment programs, albatross offers alternative solutions encompassing new technology, which will not only solve your cooling water problems, but will also allow you to meet your environment discharge objectives.
To prevent metal loss, has developed both metal based (molybdate and zinc) and Non-metal based (polyphosphate, acrylate and phosphonate) corrosion inhibitors.
Services and Experience

Today ALBATROSS is in a position to supply chemicals to keep your Plant’s heat exchanger operating at peak performance and at the same time keep it free from scaling and deposition. ALBATROSS representative can always analyze the needs of your particular system and formulate the specific objectives of system at your plant. Selecting the proper program needs experience and that is where the ALBATROSS representative brings you that extra measure of expertise.