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Needless to say that after sales servicing or monitoring and maintaining various water treatment, along with close watch on functioning of the overall system, plays a major role in successfully running a water treatment program.
For example, Successful water treatment programme for your Cooling Systems depends upon maintaining proper concentration of chemicals and promptly taking the necessary steps to counter the adverse effects of upsets, leaks, power failures etc. Unless you have the services of analytical Laboratory and a chemist to supervise treatment, it is advisable to engage one of the companies (not dealer) specializing in water treatment.

Service Packages

The programme should include a comprehensive service package, which calls for use of sophisticated equipment to continuously monitor programme performance with respect to following.



(In case of Cooling System)


Better Pricing

For this purpose, the company should depute technically qualified representative at your premises from time to time for doing the spot analysis of various critical parameters and should adjust dosage as per prevailing water parameters.

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Service Packages

Generally small companies/dealers send their representative to make regular spot checks and also submit water analysis report and chemical tests are frequently made with field test kits which are not very good and especially in the hands of unskilled operators results are often misleading or worthless. Looking at this its very important to set up points for vendor qualifications