ARC-1020 XL – Corrosion Inhibitor For Potable Water (Works Very Well In Hot Water System)

Red Water Treatment

ARC-1020 XL



An Ideal Solution to Brown Water Problems


Guest Complaints of Brown colored water in hotels guest room


– Hygiene levels of your Hotel questioned.
– Hotel reputation at stake
– A dissatisfied customer is often a non-returning customer

Cause: Corrosion

Corrosion : Some Facts

The Corrosion Process

Types of corrosion Uniform corrosion

Conventional Approach:

–Wait till situation is really bad and then replace water pipeline
–High Cost.
–Lost Revenue for rooms under rectification.
–Disturbance to existing guests.
–Cycle repeats – problems will re-occur.


Albatross ARC-1020 XL

*ARC-1020 XL an additive that is dosed into water system at very minute levels.
*ARC-1020 XL is adsorbed onto metal pipe surfaces at anodic areas.
*A thin monomolecular film on the interior of the pipe is created.
*The coating acts as a barrier between water and metal and corrosion is inhibited.

Albatross ARC-1020 XL Working Mechanism

Albatross ARC-1020 XL : The Proven Effectiveness

• Testing has been done to show the effectiveness of ARC-1020 XL treatment.
• Testing method
1. Monitoring levels of dissolved metals (e.g., Fe, Cu, Pb) in water samples before and after treatment.
2. Conducting coupon testing based on ATSM Test Method D-2688,“Corrosivity of Water in the Absence of Heat Transfer.”

• Results
ARC-1020 XL effectively protected metal such as lead, copper, cast Iron and ferrous metal, steel, galvanized iron, bronze, red brass, yellow brass and nickel alloys

Albatross ARC-1020 XL : The safety

• Testing was done by SGS Laboratory, one of the top food testing laboratory in the world.
• Test was done by dozing 100 ppm of Albatross ARC-1020 XL into Spritzer Brand Mineral Water.
• Test Certificate show that after adding 100 ppm of ARC-1020 XL, the water quality is still within the permissible limits of Malaysia Food Regulations 1985.

Albatross ARC-1020 XL : The comfort

• With ARC-1020 XL there will be no mess and hassle
• Absolutely easy to store, easy to handle and easy to apply
• All that is needed is a tank and a dosing pump

Albatross ARC-1020 XL : Ideal Solution to Brown Water Problems

– Proven effectiveness
– Safe – Zero Hazard
– Well Tested by independent labs
– Easy to Implement
– Economical