ARC-1011 XL - Scale Preventive & Sludge Conditioner

Albatross ARC-101 XL Range

    ARC-1011 XL, 1012 XL, 1013 XL, 1015 XL

    Used as Scale Preventive & Sludge Conditioner in boiler

    An Ideal Solution to prevent Scaling Problems in Boiler




Scale is an extremely hard substance created when mineral salts come out of solution as their solubility drops with a rise in water temperature. Scale-forming salts adhere directly to heating surfaces forming layers of insulation on the metal substantially decreasing its heat transfer efficiency.


While 1/16th-inch thickness of scale in a fire tube boiler will increase fuel consumption by 12.5% — any accumulation is a problem. Scale results in metal fatigue/failure causing overheating, energy waste, high maintenance costs and unnecessary safety risks.


ARC-101 XL range of Scale Inhibitors

Impurities dissolved in BFW (Boiler Feed Water) can form scale by precipitation directly on the metal surface of the boiler or, when the impurities are in the form of sludge or suspended matter, they can deposit on the tube surfaces. In addition to causing overheating of boiler tubes, boiler scale can cause under deposit corrosion.

The basic approach in preventing boiler scale and in counteracting problems associated with deposit formation involves the following:

Maintaining boiler water phosphate or chelant, alkalinity, and oxygen scavenger at acceptable values to minimize deposition and to prevent corrosion of boiler metal. Preventing corrosion in the system, which generates scale-forming products, by removal of the oxygen from the feed water and by holding the feed water pH between 8.2 and 9.5.

Preventing excessive corrosion products from entering the feed water via the condensate by reducing carbonate and bicarbonate alkalinity in the feed water, and/or by using neutralizing or filming amines as corrosion inhibitors, as required, preventing corrosion in the condensate system.


ARC-1011 XL is based upon a combination of phosphate conditioner and alkalinity builder. It reacts with feed water hardness and prevents it from precipitating on the boiler metal as scale.

ARC-1012 XL is a combination of sludge conditioner with a dispersant along with a pH booster. It minimizes total hardness & Inhibits scale formation and also condition suspended particles, which is easily removed during blow down.

ARC-1013 XL Contains a dispersant, which produces a fluid sludge and ensures easy disposal through normal blow down. It also contains an alkalinity source, which helps maintain alkalinity level in the boiler.

ARC-1015 XL is a low molecular weight polymer along with anti scalant and sludge conditioners. It conditions any suspended matter such as hardness sludge and make it non-adherent to the boiler metal.  Which is easily removed with blow down water.


The type of Boiler, quality of water and other relevant factors determines dosage. ALBATROSS will provide technical assistance and will suggest particular product, its dosage, in accordance with your plant operating conditions and quality of water.

BLOWDOWN :- It is essential to blowdown the boiler at regular intervals to ensure   removal of sludge from the system.  This will also prevent the total dissolved solids from exceeding the prescribed limits.  The frequency of blow down will depend upon the quantity of hardness entering the boiler through feed water.

HANDLING :-  Avoid contact with skin, eyes & clothes. In case of contact wash with  plenty of water.

PACKING :- 35, 50 & 200 Liters. H.D.P.E. Containers.

The endeavor of our company is to improve quality of products constantly, hence we reserve the right to alter or change specification without prior notice.  Liability – NIL. Unless, we have direct control on application.