Needless to say that after sales servicing or monitoring and maintaining various water treatment, along with close watch on functioning of the overall system, plays a major role in successfully running a water treatment program.

For example, Successful water treatment programme for your Cooling Systems depends upon maintaining proper concentration of chemicals and promptly taking the necessary steps to counter the adverse effects of upsets, leaks, power failures etc. Unless you have the services of analytical Laboratory and a chemist to supervise treatment, it is advisable to engage one of the companies (not dealer) specializing in water treatment.

The programme should include a comprehensive service package, which calls for use of sophisticated equipment to continuously monitor programme performance with respect to following.

  3. C) MICROBIOCIDE CONTROL (In case of Cooling System)

For this purpose, the company should depute technically qualified representative at your premises from time to time for doing the spot analysis of various critical parameters and should adjust dosage as per prevailing water parameters.

Generally small companies/dealers send their representative to make regular spot checks and also submit water analysis report and chemical tests are frequently made with field test kits which are not very good and especially in the hands of unskilled operators results are often misleading or worthless. Looking at this its very important to set up points for vendor qualifications

Vendor Qualifications

Water treatment firms fall into the following categories, and their strengths and weaknesses should be considered when specifying and approving vendors:

This is to help engineers and owners to make sure that they get the value for their money. Since there are so many companies, who claim to be specializing in the field of water conditioning so it is very important to retain an experienced company to administer your programme. When you buy "water treatment programme" your actually buy :-

1. Chemicals

2. Service

Scope of job of water treatment company is : -

1. To do initial survey i.e. check out the various properties of water and survey the plant details.

2. Design the programme as per your requirements.

3. Monitor the programme regularly.

Here it is important to note down only by doing above three things properly, water Treatment Company can produce the desired result. Which means, your system must run….

(1) Scale free

(2) Corrosion free

(3) Free from any other water related problem

Handover your costly equipments only to a experienced water treatment service provider

This type of organization, consisting of commissioned sales representatives and having no service capabilities, should be excluded from new project work.
The service capabilities of the firm should be a priority in selecting a vendor. Many water treatment sales companies have little or no service department, and a salesman is not often of much help when a system goes down. Select a firm that has a full-time, service department that covers the your area. Service capabilities should include equipment installation and repair, on-site water analysis and problem remediation, and should be performed by well-trained service technicians.

Consult the current client list of the supplier during the specification process, and inquire as to their current water treatment provider. If they are satisfied with that vendor, and if you feel the firm is capable, it is best to leave the water treatment responsibility to them. This avoids the problems associated with “low-balling,” both on the part of the existing service provider and competitors looking to get a foot in the door.

"Remember the chemicals by themselves do not work, it is the knowledge and experience of the company, which makes them work."
How to evaluate a new proposal of water treatment chemicals for your boiler/cooling system?

When contemplating a change in water treatment programme because of unsatisfactory results or when putting a new system in operation, it is better to discuss the matter with representative of a reliable, experienced and good company.

Usually only one programme is offered for controlling scaling, corrosion etc. This helps to sustain the myth that any water supply can be treated effectively by single chemical. When considering such proposals you should always insist on professional approach. After all, you are legally responsible for the safety of your employees and the harmful materials discharged to public water. The days are gone when a chemical identified only by number or meaningless name was saleable. YOU MUST KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING.

Every cooling/heating system presents a unique combination of equipment, water parameters, blow down and control consideration. Proper selection of a sound water treatment programme requires collection of considerable amount of information.

After making a detailed survey of the system including its design, material of construction, current treatment a recommendation in the form of proposal is made. Since monitoring a water treatment programme is the key to success, the proposal must include method of control monitoring and follow-up. Corrective actions are required for an effective cooling/ heating water treatment programme. The goal of monitoring is to identify potential problem before they occur.


  4. PRICE

When a water treatment company approaches to any new prospective client, the above 4 points are major factors, which could be seen and understood before placing the order.


I. Everyone claims to have the best quality products. You must ask the “supplier” to show credentials from his existing clients, appreciation letters from users and test reports of the products from any reputed laboratory certifying the efficiency of the products.

II. Make sure that your supplier has collaboration with reputed international company in order to have access to latest globally accepted technology. Companies having technical collaboration with any leading international player ensure further development of quality in future also.

III. Throw them the challenge; you will pay after satisfactory result.


Reliability of a water treatment company can be judged by its existing regular client-list and its growth rate, capability for new product development and recognition from quality conscious organizations. You can base the reliability on following points.

  1. Your supplier should be a public limited company.
  2. Ask for the detailed educational background and experience of the promoters.
  3. The said company must have the experience of serving more than 500+ reputed clients. Check out with any of those clients about the service and results of the treatment.
  4. Check out, do this supplier has polymer technology and overseas tie-up?
  5. The most reliable point is that the company must always be directly linked with clients instead of supplying through any dealer and must be answerable if results are not satisfactory.


Your supplier must provide regular and committed technical service through well-trained field chemist/technical executives. General guideline for monitoring the system should be : -

Job of the field chemist is….

1. Inspect the system undergoing treatment and carry field analysis of water for pH, alkalinity, hardness, chloride, conductivity, TDS etc.
2. Prepare reports and discuss the findings for corrective measures.
3. Train the operators for on the spot analysis of water and maintaining the log book.
4. Check the operating log book, for ensuring optimum chemical usage.
5. Discuss the performance and problems if any with concerned engineer/authority.
6. Bring reference samples of treated water at R & D for preparation of status reports etc.
7. Discuss stock position and to arrange its timely supply to avoid uninterrupted treatment.


Finally compare treatment package in comparison to the leading and established companies, place the order to most suitable to your needs.